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About me

My name is Florian Abensperg-Traun and I'm a freelancer. I completed server- & networkadministration studies in an apprenticeship in Vienna for 4 years. Thats where I have learned a lot about configuring and administrating servers, clients and networks. I also completed certificates such as the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching: Introduction to Networks in 2017.

By now I have worked on and finished a lot of projects - private projects for fun and in order to educate myself, as well as those for my clients. For references, please see the portfolio section below.

During my life as a student, I worked as an internship at the following companies.

2016 Raiffeissenlandesbank NÖ/Wien IT-Servicemanagement und IT-Betrieb
2015 Cake Kommunikations GmbH Webdevelopment
2014 Modul4 Kommunikations GmbH Webdevelopment


Over the past few years, my IT skills improved a lot. I got some of them during my studies in the apprenticeship, but since this school was more focused on server- & networkadministration, I had to learn most of them by myself. If you are interested in my services in one or more of the following topics, feel free to contact me.



Server- & Networkadministration

Storage Solutions

Backup Solutions

Secure Networks / Firewalls / Cyber Security



Open Source customer relationship management (CRM) System.


Webdevelopment and server administration for Advanced Natural Products AG.


Hagg Visa Hausverwaltung

Webapp for Hagg Visa Hausverwaltung. They are able to manage objects and assign customers to it. The customers can manage their object directly from there.


During my time working at cake Kommunikation in 2015 I participated in the development of the new website for Viennas central station.


Kinderpsychiatrie Wien

Website for children psychatrist Marihan Abensperg-Traun.



Development of their new website (old site was over 22 years old). The challenge was to find a combination between an architects & a magazines site.



Website with free children's eBook "Polstermäuse" and "Das schrecklichste aller Ungeheuer" for Christoph Glawischnig.


Staller Investments GmbH

Network topology structure for Staller Investments GmbH.

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I'm happy to hear from you! You can either use the contact form provided below or contact me directly by writing an email to flo@floriantraun.at.